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Festival and Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Because of the coronavirus/COVID-19 epidemic and the latest Government instructions for people to stay at home and only go out for essential supplies or activities, it is unlikely that most of the planned Festival events will take place live in May.

In fact, you cannot, at this point, buy or book any tickets for any events at the Festival.

While we absolutely accept the reasons for not planning to go ahead with live events, especially indoor ones, we are, of course, disappointed ​that all our preparations and the commitment of authors and performers appear to have come to nought . . . or have they?


We’d like you to know that, at Lower Shaw Farm, the Swindon Spring Festival’s HQ, we are not keen on cancellations. We like things to happen, not not happen.


Therefore, we are busy doing all we can to salvage something from the Festival, for ourselves, for our authors and performers, and for you!


We aim to do so by putting online as many Festival events as possible. May only be a few but we shall do our best. A number of kind authors and performers have already offered to present online talks and performances.

Look out for further announcements in April, about these virtual events, on this site and on our Facebook and twitter pages.


The Swindon Spring Festival celebrates good writing, good speaking, and the exploration of ideas, with the help of authors, dancers, musicians, actors, art, film, and circus skills.​


For this year's Festival, enjoyable, interesting, challenging, unpredictable, funny, and even memorable things have been planned.

Even though many may now not take place live, there are other ways of enjoying the Festival, by reading about what was planned – on this site or in a hardcopy programme - and by discovering what authors have written and may like to say. 


Festival followers can view the programme and buy or borrow books described in its pages; and then read them, especially if finding themselves in enforced isolation. What better companion, to lift the spirits, than a good book!  


One book that Festival organisers would especially like to recommend is A Saint in Swindon by Alice Jolly. With a fascinating back-story, it’s due to be published by Fairlight Books on 15th April, and is brilliant, topical, wise, entertaining, serious, funny, and, in many ways, the perfect read in these tricky and troubling times. The story’s central character chooses to self-isolate and read, book after book, and thereby introduces the reader to a fabulous list of great books!


We hope, that by viewing the pages of this site and seeing details of the events that were planned for May, you will find something of interest and pleasure.  


There will be another day.


Till then, and till we meet again, keep well.  


And if you would like to be kept in touch with any further developments in Festival plans this year or next,

please contact us at: swindonspringfest@lowershawfarm.co.uk or call 01793 771080.


Matt Holland

Festival Organiser 

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