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JONATHAN BRYAN – on how he emerged from a world of silence, through writing.


Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Swindon SN1 4BJ
Tel: 01793 524481
12.30pm ~ 11th May ~ £8 (£7) 

Can you imagine not being able to speak or communicate with anyone? Can you picture spending most of your time imprisoned by inner isolation, while aware of the world outside? What would you do, locked inside yourself, waiting, longing, hoping?  And then, how would you feel when, finally, someone realises your potential, discovers your key, and your unlocking can begin? 
By using his eyes to choose individual letters, and thereby making his thoughts known, the author of Eye Can Write, Jonathan Bryan, who has severe cerebral palsy, a condition that makes him incapable of speech or voluntary movement, found a way to communicate, a way to write.
In his brilliant book, Jonathan says this. ‘Being able to read and write has totally transformed my life.’ ‘Many people assume that the best thing about my spelling board is being able to chat, but for me, creative writing will always be my first love.’ 

Storytelling: Creating Together – with Prime Theatre.

Wyvern Theatre, Theatre Square, Swindon SN1 1QN
Tel: 01793 614864
11am - 4pm ~ 11th May ~ £10 

Young Actors aged 8-12 are invited to take part in a workshop to create, rehearse, and perform new stories in a full day workshop. 
Participants will learn how to build an interesting story as a team with theatrical sound, lighting, and costume to bring to life an exciting experience for their audience. 
Please bring a packed lunch and bottle of water. 

SPRING FESTIVAL QUIZ – for teams and individuals!

Presented in association with The Swindon Quiz Factory.


Luxborough Suite, Lydiard House, West Swindon, SN5 3PA
Tel: 01793 524481
7pm ~ 11th May ~ £5 Please arrive at 6.30pm 

Here is a cool, competitive, evening of camaraderie and fun for anyone who loves quizzes, knows Swindon, and likes questions on Literature and the Arts in Swindon and elsewhere. There will also be general music and picture rounds.
Most of the evening will be taken up with the Team Quiz, with teams of up to 6 members welcome to take part. If you have not got a team, come along anyway and we’ll find you one! Towards the end of the evening, there will also be a quiz for individuals, where each team nominates one member to play.  
All teams will be playing for the title of First Spring Festival Quiz Champions; and the individuals, for the title of First Spring Festival Master-mind! 
There will be bottles of bubbly, cash prizes, and gleaming trophies for the winners; and chocolate treats and showers of flowers for all other participants! And the venue has a bar!
Guest quizzing celebrity for the evening will be TV Egghead and six times World Quizzing Champion Kevin Ashman, who will be drawn to play each round with a different team, giving all teams the chance to play alongside one of the world’s top quiz players!

The arts help us think, love, and survive . . . 

BURNING – film, directed by Lee Chang-Dong, cert 15 (148 mins)

Presented in association with Create Studios in its 35th year.

Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Swindon SN1 4BJ
Tel: 01793 524481
7.30pm ~ 11th May ~ £9 (£8) 

Winner of the Cannes 2018 International Critics’ Prize and inspired by and based on a short story by international best-selling author Haruki Murakami, Burning is a film of seduction, sexual jealousy, unsettling suspense, and teasing uncertainties, at once both subtle and disturbing. 
This special Festival showing of Burning will be introduced by Watershed Film Programmer Sven de Hondt, a self-confessed South Korean film buff.

Visit www.createstudios.org.uk to see Create Production, Talent, and Inclusion strands.