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NESSA CAREY – on how gene editing will rewrite our futures.


Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Swindon SN1 4BJ
Tel: 01793 524481
12.30pm ~ 7th May ~ £9 (£8) 

For the first time in Earth’s history, one species has the capability to alter the genomes of other living organisms, and its own.  The implications are far-reaching, and, are clearly, both wonderful and worrying… 
Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, author of The Epigenetics Revolution, reckoned to be a book that would have had Darwin swooning, Nessa Carey has now written Hacking the Code of Life, that takes a timely look at a technology that will radically alter our futures.

KATE SPICER & WOLFY – with the story of a woman’s best friend.


Central Library, Regent Circus, Swindon SN1 1QG
Tel: 01793 466454
7pm ~ 7th May ~ £6 (£5)

Kate is a middle aged woman whose life is going off the rails, until she adopts Wolfy, a shabby dog which saves her from herself. But then Wolfy disappears!
Will Kate find him?
Her search tests her sanity, to its limits – and gets her thinking about life: the myths of modern womanhood; and the enduring relationship between humans and canines. Broadcaster, lifestyle journalist, and documentary film-maker Kate Spicer is the author of Lost Dog, a love story, about her life with and without a laid back lurcher.

WONDERWORDS FESTIVAL SPECIAL – an evening of celebratory open mic music, mischief, and wordsmithery, hosted by Chantelle Smith and performed and enjoyed by you!


Lower Shaw Farm, West Swindon SN5 5PJ
Tel 07960 322215
7.30pm ~ 6th May ~ £2 Tickets on the door

Wonderwords welcomes storytelling, poetry, singing, anecdotes, monologues, stand up comedy, anything word-based goes. 
Wonderwords loves the oral tradition and encourages participant performers to speak, sing, or tell from memory. 
Everyone with a song in their heart, a poem in their head, or a story on the tip of their tongue is welcome! And of course, performers love an audience, so if you just want to come along and listen, you are very welcome too!

LAURA MUCHA – on the truth about love.

Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Swindon SN1 4BJ
Tel: 01793 524481
6.30pm ~ 7th May ~ £9 (£8)

What is this thing called love? Songs say one thing, experience another. Can love be the subject of scientific analysis or is it to be forever the most alluring yet most elusive emotion? Falling in love is the easy bit. Staying in love the tricky. So Is there a ‘truth’ about love? 
Broadcaster, philosopher, and poet, Laura Mucha, has travelled the world to seek the truths about one of life’s great mysteries, how it works on us, how it drives us, how it can drive us to despair, and how we handle it from the dopamine-fuelled start of a relationship to the companionate love that underpins a more lasting one.  

DOUBLE TICKET for Laura Mucha and Karen Gregory/Jo Middleton ~ £15

KAREN GREGORY and JO MIDDLETON – on writing, motherhood, and managing both.

Presented in association with Mum’s the Word Writing Group.

Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Swindon SN1 4BJ
Tel: 01793 524481
8pm ~ 7th May ~ £9 (£8) 

From monthly attendance at Swindon Artswords’ Mum’s the Word writing group, while her children, watched over by another, slept, played, or wept, to a three-book deal with Bloomsbury Publishers, that’s the story for Karen Gregory, whose most recent book is Skylarks and next is I Hold Your Heart.
What do you do when your toddler has a more active social life than you? What do you do when mothers at the playgroup are just not quite like you? 
Pregnant with her first daughter at 16, Jo Middleton still went on to get a First Class university degree, trained as an actuary, became a freelance journalist, wrote a blog that got more than 100,000 followers, and is the author of Playgroups and Prosecco

Mum’s the Word is a Swindon-based writing group, that meets monthly, and provides an opportunity for mothers to talk together, listen, write, and maybe even have a little drink. Contact: mumsthewordwriting@outlook.com